Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thoughts after 13th September

To say I am apolitical, is to say that I let others (in power) decide the politics of my life. The choice is not between being political and not, it is not between Bhartiya Janta Party and Congress or even Left and Right; it is between having the right choose and forfeiting it to others. I could either sit back and become a victim, or I could volunteer and make a difference. Whether it is inflation or terrorism, bad roads or red tapism, big or small; if it happens to us, we must have a say in it; we must have the right to question it, we must have the right to make it stop.
I don't know how to attain this. I have no grand plans of spearheading a revolution. I just know, as it is common sense to know, that we have a choice in everything that happens to us and if at some point we feel deprived of that choice, it is because someone has usurped it. We can either claim what is rightfully ours, or send our prayers to an unwitting God that the one in power be merciful.


Moulding defragmentation said...

I agree with you

I miss you Ina. I am glad that you are writing. Please continue


Mallikarjuna said...

I like rural life ttooo and I want to marry a bride with this interests

Aazar said...

this reminded of of a Leonard Cohen song...Democracy..

'i am neither left or right, i am just staying home tonight...i am as stubborn as the garbage bags time cannot decay...democracy is coming to USA'...